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Explore a self-contained live set template designed for Ableton Live, created using original audio loops, samples, drum kits and custom built effects. If you're just starting out, or are a more seasoned producer: don’t worry, this project was designed to handle anything from a jam session to a full on club performance.

minimal techno no.1 live set
Project Walkthrough

Live set template was designed to combine the freedom of creative expression with the structure of a pre-arranged performance. Learn about the project construction, tools like novation launchpad & novation launch control xl use in the performance and more.

Idea Construction Performance

Audio Preview

Listen to the audio stream captured directly from Ableton Live during the live performance of the project. Entirety of the template was created using countless audio elements and music bulding blocks taken from mega producer bundle - our premium audio sound library.

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Included in the Mega Producer Bundle

mega producer bundle

Royalte Free

MPB is royalty free and ready to be used in your productions, live sets and remixes.

High Quality

Filled to the brim with the highest quality audio elements and music building blocks.

Wav & Aiff Format

All audio loops and sounds files are available in both WAV & Aiff formats.