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Ableton Live is hands down the best tool for creating and performing elecronic music today, trusted by thousands of dj’s and producers all over the world. When building this template our main goal was to provide an environment for creative expression combined with a structure you can always fall back on.

Feature Rich & Versatile

To harness the full potential of Ableton Live we distilled the best things it provides into a turn key solution that’s approachable by new users as well as veterans. Explore in detail every feature and workflow element that makes this template one to look out for.

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Quick Template Breakdown

There’s 8 audio channels in total and each one plays a crucial role in the overeal picture. Enjoy a balanced mix of midi drum machines, audio loop channels and multitude of custom made effect racks. And all that is designed in a way to help you get lost in a groove.

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Channel 1 & 2 - MIDI Drum Kits

Channel 1 & 2 feature a complete midi drum kit split into 2 separate parts. Each drum groove here is fully editable via midi clips and sound customizable using the robust macro controls. You can freely adjust decay and pitch of each sound using the corresponding knobs.

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Channel 3 - LOOPS Cymbals

Channel 3 is meant for additional cymbals, hi-hats, shakers, tambourines and similar type of sequences. All the loops here play a supporting role to the main drum grooves coming out of the first two drum machine channels.

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Channel 4 - LOOPS Rhythmic

Channel 4 is housing all kinds of rhythm sequences like conga grooves and more. The main role of this channel is to introduce another drum layer to the audio mix to achieve more organic feel overall. It also let’s you bridge drum groove transitions between scenes way easier.

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Channel 5 - SFX Background

Channel 5 is for what is best described as texture sequences. Loops that provide an additional, organic layer to the main groove. The role of the auto filter included in this channel is to help phase in and out new sequences from the main audio mix.

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Channel 6 - SFX Vox

Channel 6 is reserved for vocal sequences with already applied effects, created in the pre-production phase. Using send channels and auto filter macro controller is more than enought to introduce new or phase out old sequences while playing live.

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Channel 7 - Synth & Bass Loops

Channel 7 is pretty straightforward, it houses the main synth and bass loop sequences. In the effects racks module included in the channel you’ll find a custom made auto filter macro controller to help you pull in and out audio loops from the mix..

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Channel 8 - TECHNO One Shots

Channel 8 contains a custom made drum kit, designed to fill out 2 separate roles. The first one beign to playback multiple ride cymbal sequences, and the second one to create an expressive drum instrument that’s perfect for quick improvisations on the fly.

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Sends - Delay & Reverb

Send channels included in the template contain two essential electronic music effects - reverb and a delay. Both send channels and their corresponding effects are tuned in a way that lets you crank up every channel output without volume peaking issues in the sound mix.

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Master Channel

Master channel includes a custom made module with a selection of audio effects such as auto filter, chorus, delay and a nifty lo-fi filter. All the complexity behind the module is hidden away but can be easliy accessed by using the provided macro mappings.

Platform Agnostic Plug & Play Solution

It doesn't really matter if you’re using mouse and keyboard or any of the popular midi controllers available on the market today. This template was designed as a platform agnostic, plug and play solution ready to provide a freedom of choice for your next live performance.

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