Deep House » Loop Pack vol.1

Discover fresh and exciting world of deep house using this must-have loop compilation. From solid drum grooves to classic house basslines this loop pack is loaded with awesome building blocks for your productions. All audio loops included in the loop pack have been created exclusively for this compilation.

Drum Loops, Synth Loops & Basslines

Discover a premium compilation of 97 professionally recorded individual audio loops which features: 57 drum loops (40 kick / 17 no kick), 40 basslines / synth loops & 38 Midi Files. Enjoy a selection of royalty free audio loops included in deep house » loop pack vol.1, perfect for your future music productions.

MIDI Files, Sound Formats & Audio Previews

Each sound file featured in deep house » loop pack vol.1 is provided in both, 16 bit wav & aiff audio formats. Additionaly each synth loop & bassline is paired with a midi file containing source melody line. All audio components used to create video previews featured below are included as a part of the loop pack.

Demo Tracks made with DH1

Listen to demo tracks created using only the drum loops, synth loops & basslines included in deep house » loop pack vol.1. All audio previews featured below were recorded as a way to showcase the versatile nature, and creative potential provided by our loop packs, and royalty free sound libraries.

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Minimal Techno vol.1 Open

Minimal Techno vol.2 Open

Minimal Techno vol.3 Open

Minimal Techno vol.4 Open

Detroit Techno vol.1 Open

Detroit Techno vol.2 Open

Detroit Techno vol.3 Open

Detroit Techno vol.4 Open

Deep House vol.1 Open

Deep House vol.2 Open

Deep House vol.3 Open

Deep House vol.4 Open

Dub Techno vol.1 Open

Dub Techno vol.2 Open

Dub Techno vol.3 Open

Dub Techno vol.4 Open

Drone Pads Open

Dub Synth Stabs Open

Deep Basslines Open

Dub Drums FX Open

Detroit Chords Open

Hypnotic Chords vol.1 Open

Hypnotic Chords vol.2 Open

Hypnotic Chords vol.3 Open

Organic Congas Open

Raw Congas Open

Minimal Synths Open

Modular Synths Open

Minimal Bass Open

Minimal Drum Fills Open

Techno Arps Open

Digital Drums Open

Included in the Mega Producer Bundle

mega producer bundle

Royalte Free

MPB is royalty free and ready to be used in your productions, live sets and remixes.

High Quality

Filled to the brim with the highest quality audio elements and music building blocks.

Wav & Aiff Format

All audio loops and sounds files are available in both WAV & Aiff formats.