Minimal Synths » Loop Pack

Explore an electric mix of minimal techno synth loops ready to be dropped into your tracks, remixes and live sets. All audio loops included in minimal synths » loop pack have been created exclusively for this compilation and offer a wide range of flexibility and creative freedom.

Sound Formats & Audio Previews

Discover a premium compilation of 12 professionally recorded synth loops provided in both, 24 bit wav & aiff audio formats. Each sound file featured in minimal synths » loop pack is royalty free and ready to be a part of your future music productions. Listed to a small selections of sounds included in the pack.

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Minimal Techno vol.1 Open

Minimal Techno vol.2 Open

Minimal Techno vol.3 Open

Minimal Techno vol.4 Open

Detroit Techno vol.1 Open

Detroit Techno vol.2 Open

Detroit Techno vol.3 Open

Detroit Techno vol.4 Open

Deep House vol.1 Open

Deep House vol.2 Open

Deep House vol.3 Open

Deep House vol.4 Open

Dub Techno vol.1 Open

Dub Techno vol.2 Open

Dub Techno vol.3 Open

Dub Techno vol.4 Open

Drone Pads Open

Dub Synth Stabs Open

Deep Basslines Open

Dub Drums FX Open

Detroit Chords Open

Hypnotic Chords vol.1 Open

Hypnotic Chords vol.2 Open

Hypnotic Chords vol.3 Open

Organic Congas Open

Raw Congas Open

Minimal Synths Open

Modular Synths Open

Minimal Bass Open

Minimal Drum Fills Open

Techno Arps Open

Digital Drums Open