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Experience the ultimate audio production package filled to the brim with high quality drum sounds, production ready audio grooves, complete demo tracks, ableton live templates, feature rich drum kits and live sets. Download Mega Producer Bundle and enjoy a wide range of flexibility and creative freedom.

mega producer bundle

Amazing Mix of Loop Packs, Sample Packs, Live Sets & Projects

Enjoy thousands of sound files spanned across 32 loop packs, 40+ projects, 8 sample packs & more.

Lifetime Updates

All future updates to Mega Producer Bundle are included in the package. Next update: Techno Live Set No.6. Mega Producer Bundle is available for instant download upon purchase, no registration required! All payments through our website are handled by PayPal, a secure online payment system.

11 Live Sets (click to expand)

Techno Live Set No.1 Open

Techno Live Set No.2 Open

Techno Live Set No.3 Open

Techno Live Set No.4 Open

Techno Live Set No.5 Open

Detroit Techno No.1 Open

Detroit Techno No.2 Open

Minimal Techno No.1 Open

Dub Techno No.1 Open

Minimal Techno & Deep House Open

Detroit Techno & Dub Techno Open

32 Loop Packs (click to expand)

Minimal Techno vol.1 Open

Minimal Techno vol.2 Open

Minimal Techno vol.3 Open

Minimal Techno vol.4 Open

Detroit Techno vol.1 Open

Detroit Techno vol.2 Open

Detroit Techno vol.3 Open

Detroit Techno vol.4 Open

Deep House vol.1 Open

Deep House vol.2 Open

Deep House vol.3 Open

Deep House vol.4 Open

Dub Techno vol.1 Open

Dub Techno vol.2 Open

Dub Techno vol.3 Open

Dub Techno vol.4 Open

Drone Pads Open

Dub Synth Stabs Open

Deep Basslines Open

Dub Drums FX Open

Detroit Chords Open

Hypnotic Chords vol.1 Open

Hypnotic Chords vol.2 Open

Hypnotic Chords vol.3 Open

Organic Congas Open

Raw Congas Open

Minimal Synths Open

Modular Synths Open

Minimal Bass Open

Minimal Drum Fills Open

Techno Arps Open

Digital Drums Open

8 Sample Packs (click to expand)

909 Drums Open

808 Drums Open

606 Drums Open

Digital Open

Glitch Sounds Open

Synthetic Open

EDM Kicks Open

EDM Cymbals Open

23 Demo Tracks (click to expand)

Blue Ghost Open

Infinite Anomaly Open

New Fluid Open

Chasing the Story Open

I'm Just Digital Open

Prison of Progress Open

Ion Storm Open

Pacific Circuits Open

Lakes of Plastic Open

Forgotten Ocean Open

Digital Safari Open

Red Connection Open

Final Form Open

Drone Frenzy Open

Adaptable Reality Open

Unstoppable Force Open

Connection Wars Open

Quiet Suspicion Open

In Motion Open

Stray Elements Open

Bionic Eye Open

Infinite Loop Open

Fluid Motion Open

5 Projects (click to expand)

909 Drums : Detroit Techno MIDI Grooves Open

909 Drums : Deep House MIDI Grooves Open

808 Drums : Detroit Techno MIDI Grooves Open

808 Drums : Minimal Techno MIDI Grooves Open

808 Drums : Dub Techno MIDI Grooves Open

Royalte Free

MPB is royalty free and ready to be used in your productions, live sets and remixes.

High Quality

Filled to the brim with the highest quality audio elements and music building blocks.

Wav & Aiff Format

All audio loops and sounds files are available in both WAV & Aiff formats.