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Glitch Sounds is a compilation of more than 380 heavily processed, crushed and roughed up drum sounds, synth stabs and effects. Created during a one big 10 day studio session, glitch sounds is full of sonic experiments that will spice up any track, remix or live set.

Premium Drum Sounds

Discover a premium compilation of 386 professionally recorded individual sound samples which features: kick drums 35, snare drums 43, claps 14, hi hats 24, open hi hats 21, rimshots 35, congas 19, toms 26 and 169 other amazing sounds.

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909 Drums Open

808 Drums Open

606 Drums Open

Digital Open

Glitch Sounds Open

Synthetic Open

EDM Kicks Open

EDM Cymbals Open

Included in the Mega Producer Bundle

mega producer bundle

Royalte Free

MPB is royalty free and ready to be used in your productions, live sets and remixes.

High Quality

Filled to the brim with the highest quality audio elements and music building blocks.

Wav & Aiff Format

All audio loops and sounds files are available in both WAV & Aiff formats.