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Deep flowing basslines, classic techno drums, and industrial soundcapes are the forefront of the ‘Techno Live Set No.6’ If you're just starting out, or are a seasoned producer, then you're in luck, because this project was designed to handle anything from a jam session to a full on club set.

techno live set no.6
Project Walkthrough

Techno live set no.6 consists of 125 unique audio sequences and 78 pre-programmed music scenes that offer truly endless arrangement possibilities. Enjoy the plethora of audio components ready to become a foundation for your next live performance.

Audio Preview

Listen to the audio stream captured directly from Ableton Live during performance of techno live set no.6. Entirety of the template was created using countless audio elements and music bulding blocks included in our extensive, royalty free sound library.

Created using Live Set Template

To harness the full potential of Ableton Live we distilled the best things it provides into a turn key solution that’s approachable by new users as well as veterans. Explore in detail every feature and workflow element that makes this template one to look out for.

video panel image
Quick Template Breakdown

There’s 8 audio channels in total and each one plays a crucial role in the overeal picture. Enjoy a balanced mix of midi drum machines, audio loop channels and multitude of custom made effect racks. And all that is designed in a way to help you get lost in a groove.

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