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Techno Maker 9000 -
Template for Ableton Live

Royalty Free

Create new grooves, tracks and sets freely using Techno Maker 900 production template.

Plug and Play

Start up Live and create your first tracks i no time without any additional setup.


Take the full advantage of all the features without the need of any third party plugins.

Instant Download

Add new tools to your music production arsenal with no registration required.

Self-Contained Music Making Solution

Techno Maker 9000 is our complete music making solution designed for Ableton Live. It includes all the necessary elements for you to create everything from simple techno grooves, complete music tracks or even multi-song dj sets. All in a package that’s easy to use and master.

techno maker 9000
Video Showcase

Explore the big picture vision behind the template as well as all the thoughtful little details that went into its construction. Using many years of Ableton Live experience we did all we could to make Techno Maker 9000 super powerful yet user friendly and approachable.

Powerful & Versatile Toolset

When designing Techno Maker 9000 we wanted to strike a strong balance beetwen ease of use and creative potential. By incorporating hundreds of pre-programmed elements that also provide the ability to edit or start from scratch, you as a producer can focus on what’s most important - creating.

24 Bit

Enjoy the highest quality drum sound and audio loops.

Royalty Free

Create freely new grooves, tracks and remixes.

Easy to Use

Techno Maker 9000 is easy to use and deploy in your workflow.

Example Creations

Check out demo tracks created using exclusively Techno Maker 9000 and all it has to offer. With plethora of building blocks to choose from when composing your tracks, you are free to explore many electronic music styles. Dive deep into classic detroit drum grooves, electro synth stabs and much, much more.

Template Walktrough

Techno Maker 9000 consists of three main creation components: Groove Maker, Track Maker & Set Maker. Each one is responsible for a big part of what makes this template special. By following the production pipeline we envisioned you'll go from creating your first groove to finishing up your first dj set in no time.

groove maker
Module A - Groove Maker

This is the starting of point for each of your productions. The role of Groove Maker is to stremline the process of creating foundation of your tracks. All your favorite techno tracks started of from a groove, and we did all we could to make your start feel easier.

track maker
Module B - Track Maker

The role of Track Maker is to take the daunting task of arrangement and make it automatic and hassle free. This module is designed for more begginer producers that couldn't envisioned themselves arrangering and finishing a track before.

set maker
Module C - Set Maker

After your first few tracks are finished why stop there? Set Maker is an automated module that transforms your single tracks into coherent dj sets you can later publish on soundcloud or youtube. Create a solid techno mixtape by following just a few simple steps.

Techno Maker 9000 Starter Edition

Starter Edition is a great way to test out Techno Maker 9000 in a limited capacity.